Celine Bjercke

A seasoned healthcare professional with a focus on patient primary care, follow-up, and monitoring. She has worked in public and private hospitals and medical centres in Norway, South Africa, and Dubai.

Her unique cross disciplinary background in nutrition, nursing and personal training allows her to engage with patients and understand their needs at multiple levels. Due to her global career, she has a deep understanding of various cultural motivations, triggers, and barriers.

She is currently engaged in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector through the deployment of remote patient follow-up and monitoring technologies. Her focus is on developing the processes, procedures, and protocols for technology deployment in accordance with international best practices.

Celine is a licensed clinical nutritionist in the United Arab Emirates, licensed nurse in Norway and a European Union licensed personal trainer. She holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition from Atlantis Medical College in Norway, a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Nursing from the University of Ostfold in Norway, a diploma in personal training from The Academy of Personal Trainers in Norway and a diploma in Sports Nutrition and Exercise from the University of California San Diego in the United States of America.

Her passion is to ensure that the technologies being deployed not only help in reducing costs and resources deployed on patient primary care, follow-up, and monitoring but also have a tangible impact on patient satisfaction metrics and motivation.